Mary Arwen


mary@maryarwen,com | (615) 545-9625

Contemplative Psychotherapy
1501 16th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Contemplative psychotherapy is based on the understanding that everything we experience is alive, worthwhile, and workable. From this perspective, all we encounter in our inner and outer lives can be met with unconditional friendliness and courage. Mary's approach to therapy is gentle and precise, and is grounded in her confidence in people's inherent resilience and creativity. Her work integrates contemplative practice, humanistic philosophy, and psychodynamic principles. Serving couples and individuals 16 years and older, Mary is passionate about treating issues related to trauma, spiritual emergence, transitions, relationship, pregnancy and the newborn year, and creativity. She often employs mindfulness techniques, EMDR, and dream analysis. Mary is deeply invested in the arts, with a degree in painting, a first career in dance, and an abiding love for reading and writing poetry. Mary lives and works in the lush landscape of Nashville, Tennessee.