Margaret (Peg) McCormick

RN, BSN, MA | 507-400-2778

750 East 9th Ave, Suite 208
Denver, CO 80203

I am a nurse-psychotherapist and founder of Listening to Cancer, a practice specializing in working with individuals dealing with the emotional impact of physical or psychological illness, and the spiritual questions such experiences often raise. I earned my Bachelor’s in Science degree in Nursing from the University of Minnesota and my Master’s in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from the Graduate School of Psychology of Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

My educational, professional and personal experiences have led to my deep understanding of the impact dealing with illness can have on a person’s life. From my time as an OB/GYN nurse-practitioner working with families who experienced loss, to the loss of my own child in a tragic car accident, to my diagnosis with an aggressive form of cancer, I have been moved to try to find a way to make meaning out of my and others’ difficult life experiences.

Having taken this journey myself, with my patients, and with many others close to me, I want to share my wisdom and support with others who are walking this path.