Marcus Kurek

PT, MA, SEP | 303-444-8399

The center for Pain & Trauma Recovery/ The NeuroHarmonics Institute
1800 30th Street, Suite # 207
Boulder, CO 80301

The key in treatment is awareness: How it is lost, how it is reclaimed, how it affects your identity when you have it and how you can stop building huge elaborate somatic and mental schemes to try to forget that you have it. Marcus Kurek, PT, MA, SEP, earned his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from The Northwestern University School of Medicine, a Masters Degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy form the Naropa University, and has achieved the status of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) through Peter Levine’s (author of Waking the Tiger) Foundation for Human Enrichment. He has practiced since 1983 and has spent a majority of his career focusing on the treatment of chronic conditions integrating traditional and alternative approaches, and studying the psychological aspects of physiological dysfunction. He served as the principle physical therapist of the Pain Management Services at the Mapleton Center , a Division of Boulder Community Hospital and was instrumental in bringing the understanding of traumatic stress in the treatment of the chronic pain patient. He is the founder of The Center for Pain and Trauma Recovery, which is dedicated to the treatment of PTSD and Traumatic Stress as it manifests in chronic conditions. In 2006, he formed The NeuroHarmonics Institute, which incorporates neurofeedback therapy as a treatment modality in a wide variety of therapeutic conditions. Marcus lectures nationally with Dr. Robert Scaer, author of The Body Bears the Burdon, and The Trauma Spectrum. Naropa staff , students and faculty are eligible for a free initial consultation and a 25% discount on services rendered.