Leslie A. Chertok


lesliec777@yahoo.com | (253) 370-3637

4409 N. 26th St.
Tacoma, WA 98407

My clientele include a broad array of individuals, couples, and families comprised of young children, adolescents, and adults from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. People present a myriad of content issues particularly trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, transition and relationship issues. I have a sub-specialty which involves working with attachment issues usually impacted by early abuse/neglect and multiple foster-care placements or orphanage experiences. I find the deepening practice of Maitri and engaging connection with the tangible and intangible natural world to be the ground upon which my personal development and my therapeutic work grow. As content issues are addressed, expanding awareness of the physical, emotional, mental and energetic moment to moment experiences facilitates the flow of being and healing. I employ an eclectic range of techniques including EMDR and self-acupressure.