Lee Scher


lee.scher@yahoo.com | 503-998-2297

Golden Key Psychotherapy, LLC
1962 NW Kearney St., #302 P
Portland, OR 97209

I specialize in helping clients develop a gentler attitude towards themselves. In my experience once clients begin to make friends with themselves, it becomes much easier for them to start creating the life they really want. I am able to tailor the way I work with each client to fit their individual needs.

Here's a few of the therapeutic methods I draw upon:

  • Client-centered therapy - Supports the client in bringing an attitude of curiosity and gentleness to their experience, so they can understand what they want, what obstacles they are facing, and how to overcome them.
  • Containment and Resolution Therapy for Trauma - Helps the client develop the ability to:
    1. Calm themselves down in triggering situations
    2. Say "No" and set boundaries in relationships
    3. Reintegrate past traumatic experiences so their nervous system can return to normal
  • Dialectical Behavior therapy - Helps the client develop the ability to:
    1. Stop and notice their experience before reacting
    2. Communicate in relationships in more effective ways
    3. Understand and manage their emotional experience effectively
    4. Tolerate distress without acting out in harmful ways

Together these skills enable clients to make choices which dramatically improve their lives. Jungian Psychotherapy- Helps the client connect and communicate with their own undiscovered wisdom through dreamwork and active imagination.