Kelley M. Day

MEd, MA | (303) 810-4299

Be Here Now Counseling LLC
1800 30th St. Ste 207
Boulder, CO 80301

Present-Focused Integrative Psychotherapy & Counseling in the Boulder area - Engaging your mind, body, energy, and spirit to Live your Life On Purpose.

The natural state of each human being is one of strength and wholeness and it can get clouded over. Working together we find ways to tap back into that natural state, while discovering and practicing new ways of being in the world, all in a safe environment. The present moment is the doorway to change. Authentic experience, expression, and relationship are the keys.

I'm passionate about guiding people who feel stuck and trapped by old habits, confused and lost amidst life changes, or feeling disconnected and out of place in the world toward Self-Mastery and living a more empowered and conscious life. We collaborate in the work to tailor it to your individual needs and style, integrating mindfulness, body- and brain-based approaches, energy & transpersonal psychology, experiential exercises, education, and importantly, humor and play. This work honors all of you – body, mind, energy, and spirit, as well your social and cultural worlds - as you transform old patterns and connect deeply with your Wholeness and True Essence.

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