Katie Hayden-Lewis


katiehaydenlewis@gmail.com | 541-480-2350

15 NW Park Place, Suite 110
Bend, OR 97701

I work with individuals, families and groups that experience a range of emotional challenges and mental health issues. Those include acute and chronic symptoms of anxiety, depression, thought disorders, experiences of oppression, identity conflicts, social isolation, spiritual questions, perfectionism, addiction, trauma and issues that come from the death of an important person in life or the death of an ideal, relationship, hope, or life dream. My practice has a strong basis in understanding human development as a holistic growth process. I am also sensitized to the counseling approaches that are appropriate for individuals and families that experience stigma and power abuse.

Many people enter counseling feeling fragmented, having thoughts of brokenness and experiencing personal and painful wounds. I help clients identify the thoughts, feelings and experiences that bother them while shaping a pathway towards well-being. That pathway fits uniquely to clients personal values, beliefs, thoughts, hopes and life views. I am advanced counseling practitioner. I use modalities that include body-centered awareness, cognitive behavioral interventions, and Transpersonal and Jungian processes and practices.