Jennifer Beauvais

MA | 720-984-1207

Mountain Family Home Therapy, LLC

Boulder, CO

I offer Synergetic Play Therapy for children, parent coaching, and somatic/ nature-based counseling for women. We are nature, we have natures, and when we can understand how we engage through nature's design, we can work with it, rather than against it. Thus we create more self-connection and self-trust, as well as ease in parent-child relationships. 

Free 30-minute consultation.

Along with traditional office-setting services, I offer home-based play therapy & parent coaching services throughout Boulder County. I also offer educational talks and classes for parents, caregivers, and educators.

For children: I am passionate about supporting children in their emotional growth. Children communicate and explore through is vital to their health and well-being. I create a safe and deeply empathetic environment where children can evolve more balanced understandings of themselves, resulting in a reduction of symptoms, and improved self-esteem. I work with trauma, ADHD, OCD, foster and adoption issues, divorce adaptation, school issues, & behavioral and emotional issues

For Parents: Although there is no "right" way to parent, often many pressures exist as to what "should" be done for children; this can lead to confusion and fear that you're not parenting the "right" way. Fear not..neither you nor your children are broken, and your intuition is likely on-track.  As a parent coach, I endeavor to help you find your own authentic parenting style, validate your intuition, and to guide you in understanding how your children communicate through nature's design. Together, we will explore skills for creating more trust and ease in your relationship with yourself and with your child.

For Women: