Jack Blackwell


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Artistry In Healing
2373 Vineyard Place
Boulder, CO 80304

Jack Blackwell is a specialist in Family Constellation training and workshops, who is known for creating a supportive, intimate, and nurturing space for powerful healing.  His work focuses primarily on inherited patterns and limitations passed down through, and shared by, families.  Significant traumas within a family lineage hold energy within family dynamic that no amount of talk-therapy can address, because they are energetically engrained patters that keep coming back. It didn’t start with us, but it can certainly end with us.  There is no need to replicate the residue of our ancestry.  As much as we inherit eye color, so do we unconsciously inherit depression, illness, anxiety, and poor-relating.  Family Constellations reveal hidden dynamics and our loyalties that root us in destructive patterns.  Jack’s workshops are profound for many, and are said to be the launch of a new life-changing course.

 Family Constellation work is the perfect modality companion to other healing and therapeutic work because it accesses ancestral blind spots, such as energy passed through family lineage, and energetic loyalty agreements between family members.  Jack works with groups to explore family soul lineage and liberate people into joy.  His life-changing Family Constellation work is a powerful modality merging ancient African traditions with western psychology, allowing one to experience his life’s unconscious ancestral patterns. Jack’s powerful work consciously explores blocks in all intertwined life aspects.  Family Constellations clear old patterns, and move people forward, quickly and clearly. Family Constellation work is a bridge between who one has been, to the person he has yearned to become.