Jacey Tramutt


jaceymtramutt@gmail.com | (720) 470-3526

5399 HWY 93
Golden, CO 80403

I graduated from Naropa in 2003 with a degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.  Through my studies at Naropa, which included a semester in Nepal, and my own personal work, I've come to realize that at the heart of most of our issues is the belief that something is very wrong with us.  It is my passion as a therapist to help people unlearn this debilitating belief and to come into their own lives in an empowered and healthy way.  I love working with Naropa students, as I feel sharing the Naropa experience is a unique bond which supports and enhances the work.  Please check out my website, www.cultivateconfidence.com, for more information.