Heather Varnau


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Heather Varnau Counseling
521 Union St. SE, #105
Olympia, WA 98501

My main focus as a Contemplative Psychotherapist is SELF-IN-RELATIONSHIP. Whether you're someone who tends to be highly independent or highly relational, I help you live a more connected life that's in alignment with your personal aspirations and values. I hold the Buddhist view of interdependence in my work with clients, so our sessions explore and address your personal difficulties and goals, as well as your past and present relational context. I draw from my graduate work in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University, 8 years of Vipassana meditation practice, Attachment Theory, and other Relational models of human development to help individuals, couples, and families rediscover a sense of wholeness, improved communication, relief from stress, and build greater life satisfaction and vitality. Common issues that I work with are: depression, anxiety, self-esteem, transitions, boundary-setting, grief, and stress reduction. My specialty is working with parents (particularly first-time mothers) who are struggling after the birth of a child. Thanks, Heather Varnau