Gretchen Stecher

MA Somatic Counseling | 720-460-7224

Heart of the Matter
1503 Yarmouth Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304

Are you a woman who knows what you “should” do to take care of yourself but the excuses always seem to be louder and stronger? Do you feel miserable, exhausted from inner conflicts, not wanting to force yourself to do what’s good for you because that just adds to the pressure? And yet, you don’t know how to somehow convince yourself to take right action … so you resort to using shame and guilt that add to your misery? Are you great at addiction abstinence and wanting more emotional sobriety and FUN? Do you notice that, in spite of your best intentions, you wind up doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? Are you fed up with how others treat you? Are you triggered from traumas? Do you often compare yourself to others? Do you say “yes” when you really mean “no”? Are you looking to grow into ways of thinking and behaving that FEEL REALLY GOOD?

Freedom: Doing what’s good for us because we WANT to!

My passion is helping women in long-term recovery from addictions (two or more years of continuous abstinence) and/or trauma identify self-sabotaging patterns, explore and discover successful alternatives and move into their personal power. It is so worth it to recover ourselves! Addictions, as well as unresolved traumatic experiences, stunt our growth and convince us that we are victims. I know it well, having lived there myself for many years. Grounded in 20 years of 12 Step recovery (both Al-Anon and AA), long- term therapy, and a deep commitment to my own personal growth, I specialize in helping women remember how to grow and thrive. My expertise also includes getting to the heart of the matter with family members of people with addictions. Change happens when we take care of ourselves.

Trained in 2001 as a counselor and advocate in sexual assault and domestic violence, I worked for ten years in this field, primarily with women. I found that trauma usually shows up with addictions – either personally or in the family. My approach is mindful, creative, and as often as possible, playful. Trained in body psychotherapy, I love discovering safe ways that each client’s body seeks to guide the healing process. I work with women’s issues: healing from trauma, sexual assault and domestic violence, grief and loss, transitions and anxiety. I delight in supporting selfcare practices and exploring authentic, full-bodied expression. I also love creating sacred ceremonies with clients to open up, honor and support the places of the deep. It is a joy for me to help others discover, accept and love their uniqueness! A free half-hour consultation is available. I’d welcome the honor of connecting with you to see if we’re meant to work together.