Erin Hernandez

MA | 720-443-0705

Erin Hernandez Counseling
3008 Folsom St. Boulder
Boulder, CO 80304

I offer individual therapy for adolescents, teenagers and adults. I specialize in sexual abuse, domestic violence and spousal abuse. Other areas include: • Addictive behaviors • Relationship struggles • Confronting and expressing difficult emotions • LGBTQ explorations, identity and community building • Anxiety/depression • Job/school performance • Grief over loss of relationship, job or loved one • Stress management. *** As the therapeutic relationship deepens, often clients recognize their struggles are interconnected and wounds at the core level is experienced and processed. I am continually inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit and the possibility for growth in every moment. I co-facilitate groups for sexual abuse survivors and their loved ones. These groups focus on: • Guilt • Grieving what was lost • Healthy/Unhealthy coping skills • Talking to loved ones about what happened • Sexual/Romantic relationships • Friendships/Trust • Self Esteem • Learning to trust the body • Anger. *** Connecting with other survivors of sexual abuse is an important step in the healing journey, a process that continues throughout life. Participation in a group allows members to speak with other survivors about what has and has not worked along their journey and to feel understood in a group of peers.