Erica Cohen

MA | 720-340-8284

Courageous Healing
1731 E. 16th Avenue, #2
Denver, CO 80218

I am a licensed Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado. I specialize in working with adults and young adults in building a new relationship to their struggles with anxiety, depression, body image, life transitions and trauma. As a client-centered therapist, I provide a deeply caring and non-judgmental approach focusing on gentleness, mindfulness and compassion. This relational approach encourages a deeper awareness and understanding of the self. While utilizing a mindfulness-based approach, I encourage exploration of one's present felt experience and current relationships to help bring awareness and ultimately healing to the client's core issues. Within this perspective, I encourage somatic awareness to assist in one's discovery process working towards the ultimate transformation of core material. At times, I also apply Gestalt therapy exercises to aid in the client's integration of alienated parts of the self.