Elizabeth Klaers


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Elizabeth Klaers, LLC
2955 Valmont Rd, Suite 110
Boulder, CO 80301

Are you facing difficult times related to school, intimate relationships, family or work situations? If your usual way of coping is not working, you may be feeling discouraged, confused or just feel “off.”

When we live life feeling off, we have lost connection to our true self. Relationships suffer, our purpose and direction may feel far away.

If you are willing and engaged in the work, I will assist you in exploring, making discoveries and integrating new ways of living life and being in relationship with yourself and others. The work often leads to an ability to stay connected to yourself and live life with more contentment.

I provide therapy for adults and specifically, couples in conflict or crisis, adults moving through transitions, older adults navigating life challenges and entrepreneurs facing uncertainty and experiencing stress and overwhelm. I offer practical help for anxiousness, depression, difficult life transitions, unresolved grief and relationship discord. I integrate neurobiology of the body-mind connection, somatic psychology, contemplative psychology, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and interpersonal trauma studies.

My office is in Boulder and I may have evening and weekend availability.