Doris Vargas

M.A. | (720) 442-3818

Boulder Contemplative Counseling
1480 Lee Hill Drive #7
Boulder, CO 80304

Do you long to move ahead in your life? Would you like less ebb and more flow in your relationships? Are you seeking a way to heal from difficult past experiences? Clients come in for a variety of reasons. As a therapist and consultant I listen to your thoughts and feelings with a warm open heart.

I practice Contemplative Psychotherapy which incorporates mindfulness, awareness, and compassion. In my practice, I also use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.) EMDR integrates cognitive, emotional, and somatic, aspects to shift patterns and aid healing from difficult events in a short period of time.

Wherever you find yourself on your journey, you are welcome to COME AS YOU ARE. In our sessions, we co-create transformative lasting change. Explore how to empower your authentic self, nourish your spirit, repair conflicts, understand addictions, and receive support in a safe, confidential, and inviting space.

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