Defne Dinler Oatney

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Therapy in the Moment
1518 Main Street, Suite 102
Lousivlle, CO 80027

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and with relationships? Are you feeling tired, helpless, anxious, and confused? Have you gone through some traumatic events and are you struggling with adjusting back to your old life? You can create the life you want and need! You can learn how to create a happy, peaceful, life that excites you and makes you feel safe. It can be scary to ask for help for yourself and for someone you love. I offer a safe and supportive setting to get the help you and your loved ones need.

I can help with calming down your inner turmoil, creating more supportive relationships with better communication, and feeling safer by teaching you ways to resource yourself and to work through issues in just a few months.

I work with individuals, families, and teenagers on relationship skills, behavioral issues, anxiety and PTSD due to many kinds of trauma. Please contact me for a FREE 30 minute personal meeting to discuss what you are looking for and to ask me any questions.