Dana L. McDowell


dana_mcdowell@hotmail.com | (303) 241-5057

New Beginnings Psychotherapy
1739 Marion Street
Denver, CO 80218

As a graduate of Naropa’s Contemplative Psychotherapy Masters, I specialize in both Contemplative Psychotherapy and Nutritional Psychology.

What makes me unique is that I specialize in Nutritional Psychology which involves testing for physiological issues - such as brain chemistry or hormonal imbalances, low or high blood sugar - that can contribute to depression, anxiety, and many other psychological and physical issues. I work in conjunction with a Naturopathic doctor to recommend natural supplementation and dietary changes that, in conjunction with therapy, help my clients return to balance naturally.

I bring a well-rounded and honest perspective to the challenges that life presents. I carry a deep passion for taking a holistic approach to achieving optimal wellness. I also believe that being present in the moment is a key component to creating the self-awareness necessary for healing.

I work with young adults (18-25), adults and elders. I offer a free, 20-minute initial consultation.

While I do not accept insurance, I do have a sliding fee based on income.

Trainings: • Meditation • Tong Len • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) • Play Therapy • Internal Family Systems • Sand Tray Therapy • Trauma • DSM-IV Assessment & Treatment Plans • Gottman’s Marital Therapy Model • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy • Ethical Decision-Making • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder • GLBT Issues • DUI Group Counseling • Solution Focused Therapy