Colleen Paul

MA, LMHCA | 720-839 -8667

Mental Health Counselor/Psychotherapist
103 Nickerson St. Suite 204
Seattle, Washington 98108

My work as a therapist is rooted in the truth of the individual human experience; that every being is born with inherent wisdom and sanity. As we age, we tend to layer our lives with confused habits. In uncovering these habitual response, we not only discover our true selves, but the wisdom behind our un-serving behaviors and in that we learn to love ourselves. My training in Contemplative Psychotherapy facilitates a therapeutic approach that offers the client opportunity to carefully inquire about their own truths, turning toward self acceptance and love. In addition to talk therapy, I am trained and certified in EMDR, which is effective in assisting clients in overcoming the pain and residual suffering caused by traumatic events. You can learn more about EMDR on my website: I offer child directed Play Therapy to children under 12. This approach is unique in that it provides a space for the child client to guide an adult through their own experiences via their primary form of communication; play. Read more about my work as a Play Therapist at