Bridget M. Blasius

MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology | 303-995-8512

Willow Tree Counseling Services
613 Walnut St.
Boulder, CO 80303

In each of us lies a deep wisdom and innate capacity for healing. That wisdom lies within our hearts, minds and bodies. Every moment is an opportunity to explore and discover our fullest potential. The human self is not a static entity. We are always unfolding and becoming. Sometimes, trauma cuts us off from this process of unfolding. Many of us have learned habitual coping strategies in response to traumatic environments. Later in life, these strategies may become "fixed" and automatic. This can lead us to feeling constricted, limiting our capacity for connection with the world around us.

Life doesn't have to be that way. I'd love to help you re-connect with your own aliveness.

My goal is not just to provide tools for clients to manage problems, but rather, to help them develop an internal sense of strength and resiliency. I practice Somatic Experiencing, which releases tension and supports the nervous system's natural capacity to self-sooth. I combine this with Applied Existential Psychotherapy, a dynamic, experiential approach to counseling which helps clients reclaim parts of themselves that may have been disowned. This helps clients move from a place of constriction and isolation into a whole new experience of curiosity, openness and renewed authenticity.