Brendan Klosterman

BA | 303-875-1729

Brendan's Clairvoyant Readings and Healings
1515 7th St. Apt 3
Boulder, CO 80302

I provide clairvoyant readings and healings to those needing help to heal themselves at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I have spent over four years training at the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder and now teach there. I am also trained in hands-on healings, psychic surgery, communicating with the deceased, spiritual healing, and trance medium reading and healing. I look at your spirit and energy in present time and help provide insight and healing for the situations of your life, whether about family, career, relationships, past lives, spiritual growth, guides, etc. I believe that as a healer, I provide a model of what wholeness can look like, and your spirit, in seeing a different way to be can choose to heal itself of whatever obscuration is between you and your wholeness.