April Lyons


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April Lyons, Somatic Psychotherapist
5378 Sterling Dr. Studio #4
Boulder, CO 80301

Are you a deep thinker and very sensitive? Do you often feel the need to go inward to try and figure things out? Maybe you have strong empathy for others and have a hard time shaking what people tell you. Have you been told not to take things so seriously? Is it hard to make a decision because you are aware of every subtle detail? When you make a mistake, do you feel it is amplified? Do you cry easily? 

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Many people – especially Naropa people – are highly sensitive. As you probably know, this “gift” can be a curse at times because your nervous system is easily pushed past overload. This is especially true if you have had some negative life experiences that keep you from feeling secure at home and at school. 

My body-centered approach can help you develop the ability to listen to your body for early signs of such overload so you can act sooner to regulate your emotions rather than waiting until anxiety and depression kick in. I understand what you are going through and thus it is my goal in therapy to provide a contained environment within which you can discharge and let go of all the inputs of the world. You do not have to struggle alone. I am here to help.

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