Office of Career Development

All Naropa alumni have access to career services, which includes one-on-one career counseling, career workshops and online links to career resources.

Career Counseling appointments

To schedule a career counseling session click the button below (Open to students and alumni only):

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We are living in a VUCA world; a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The Office of Career Development believes that to be successful at work in a VUCA world, we need to show up as our whole self, which includes the cultivation of mental intelligence, heart intelligence, and somatic intelligence. It means developing congruence between one’s inner experience and one’s outer expression. It means leading a values driven life of service. Moving through the VUCA world with whole person awareness cultivates authentic expression, innate confidence, intrinsic motivation, growth mindset, emotional and social intelligence, being okay with not knowing, and the ability to adapt and change. We are dedicated to providing the internal and external resources necessary for Naropa students and alumni to succeed in the work place.

The Office of Career Development provides the following:

  • Contemplative Career Counseling for cultivating an authentic work life with confidence, resilience, and a clear direction.
  • Assessments for self-exploration such as the Human Design System, The Enneagram, VIA Strengths Inventory, StrengthsQuest, and others.
  • Support with the graduate school application process
  • Assistance with obtaining an Internship or volunteer opportunity
  • Help with developing a personalized job search strategy
  • Guidance for writing professional resumes and cover letters
  • Coaching for interview preparation
  • Weekly Job postings for alumni and students
  • Workshops and events for the Naropa community

Employers and Recruiters

To post a job, internship, volunteer or scholarship opportunity for Naropa students and/or alumni, send a concise job description with your contact information and a link to the full job posting to or select the post a job button below.



Lyndsay Farrant, MA, LPC
Director of The Office of Career Development
Naropa University