Office of Accessibility

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section #504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Office of Accesibility, located in Student Affairs, coordinates the university's efforts to provide full access to educational, cultural and other programs sponsored by the university for qualified students with disabilities. The university is committed to providing services to assure an accessible environment for students with disabilities. The Disability Resources Coordinator, whose office is located in the Office of Student Affairs, will discuss concerns about disabilities and evaluate eligibility for auxiliary aids and academic accommodations for all qualified Naropa students. Students requiring further information should contact the Disability Resources Coordinator. A student with a disability must make their needs known to the Disability Resources Coordinator in order to receive accommodations. The student is responsible for providing evidence of the current functional impact of a disability supporting the need for requested academic adjustments or auxiliary aids through qualified documentation, including a structured intake interview.

Please note that a high school IEP or 504 plan may not constitute adequate documentation to support accommodations as these frequently do not provide the information necessary to determine appropriate and effective services and/or testing accommodations at the post secondary level. Requests for accommodations by returning students should be renewed each semester by notifying the Disability Resources Coordinator. Changes in a disability for which a student is requesting new accommodations may require updated documentation.

Disability Resources is located on the second floor of Wulsin Hall in The Learning Commons, an alliance of campus resources that actively collaborate to support a student's journey toward self-discovery, academic success, and engaged action in the world.  

Services Provided

Naropa's services include assistance to students with documented disabilities such as (but not limited to) specific learning disabilities, physical/mobility disabilities, medical and psychological disabilities. Students who are unsure about the necessity for assistance are encouraged to speak to the Disability Resources Coordinator to explore their individual situation. Naropa's policies and procedures regarding the provision of academic accommodations and auxiliary aids to students with disabilities are available upon request from the Office of Accessibility at or 303-245-4749.

For More Information

Visit MyNaropa for more information on services, and to learn more about requesting accommodations. You may also contact Moises Hinojosa, Disability Resources Coordinator, at or 303-245-4749, or