Undergraduate Academic Advising

All students are assigned an Academic Advisor, who is responsible for guiding students through their academic journey at Naropa, beginning with new student orientation and ending with graduation. Advisors assist students in navigating academic policies and procedures, tracking degree requirements and creating course schedules each semester. Advisors also monitor students’ academic performance and intervene when students are in academic difficulty. Advisors are student advocates who assist students in making well-informed decisions regarding their education. This process includes helping students to clarify their interests, strengths and goals, as well as assisting them in developing their decision-making skills.

Undergrad Academic Advising is located on the second floor of Wulsin Hall in The Learning Commons, an alliance of campus resources that actively collaborate to support a student's journey toward self-discovery, academic success, and engaged action in the world.

Retention Specialists

jessica del castillo headshot, in red hood

Jessica Del Castillo

Student Engagement Academic Advisor

MEd, Adult Learning, Training and Development, Regis University
BA, Psychology, Naropa University

A graduate of Naropa’s Psychology program, Jessica believes in the crazy wisdom and transformative power of a contemplative education. As a longtime educator with over ten years of experience in the field of higher education, Jessica encourages students to manifest their inherent brilliance through mindfulness-based and experiential practices including cultivating compassion, self-love and an ongoing investigation of mind and body. Having earned her Masters of Education in Adult Learning, Training and Development from Regis University, Jessica feels that the relationship between a student and their educational journey is unique, and she strives to meet each student where they are, supporting them in their developmental process while fostering intellectual clarity and an awakened heart. A lover of life and a voracious reader, Jessica’s passions include her family, rescuing animals and running marathons.

Alexa Lindahl

Alexa Lindahl

Teacher Licensure and Arts Academic Advisor

MA, Education, Counseling & Guidance in Higher Education/Student Affairs, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
BS, Psychology, minor in Ethnic Studies, Cal Poly & Cuesta Community College

Alexa is an educator, writer, musician and lifelong learner. They believe in the transformative power of radical compassion, and rewriting one’s own narrative. Beginning their higher education in a community college setting and going on to earn an MA in Education for Counseling & Guidance, the heart of their work is to foster an environment for students that is accessible, co-created, and without cognitive limitations. Based on her own healing journey, Alexa is a passionate advocate for trauma work, somatics, and understanding the nervous system. Alexa has an interest in shamanism and is an ongoing student of community grief rituals based on the work of Francis Weller, with origins in the teachings Sobonfu Somé brought to the West from Burkina Faso.