Non-Degree Students

There are a several ways to attend Naropa University as a non-degree student. Students may take courses for noncredit through Naropa's Extended Studies program. Students may also take online classes for credit or noncredit through our Distance Learning Program. Lastly, students may take some of our on-campus courses for credit.

On-Campus Noncredit

Please see Naropa University Extended Studies for extensive noncredit course offerings. Non-degree students may not audit other Naropa classes. Please keep in mind that courses taken for noncredit are not graded, will not be recorded in a transcript, receive no academic credit, and cannot be transferrred into a degree program. They cannot be converted to credit at any later date.

Online Classes (Distance Learning)

Non-degree students can take many online classes for credit or noncredit. See Distance Learning at Naropa for information including list of classes, FAQ, credit and noncredit options, tuition and fees, demonstration classes, and directions on registering for online classes. Please keep in mind that courses taken for noncredit are not graded, will not be recorded in a transcript, receive no academic credit, and cannot be transferrred into a degree program. They cannot be converted to credit at any later date.

On-campus For Credit

Non-degree students seeking credit can register for some Naropa courses on a space-available basis. Please see the schedule of courses available to the public for a complete list. Each semester non-degree students may take a maximum of 11 undergraduate credits or 8 graduate credits. Students wishing to take more credits should apply as visiting students.

Complete instructions on how to register as an on-campus non-degree student.

How to Register

Start by looking at the "Courses Available to the Public" schedule for a complete list of classes available to you. Students who wish to take a course that isn't on the "Courses Available to the Public" list must obtain permission from the department on the registration form. Departments can be reached by calling 303-444-0202; emailed permission is also accepted.

If a class has a prerequisite or a special requirement (as indicated in the schedule), the student must confirm with the instructor before the first day of class in order to ensure that they are properly prepared for the course. Students who fail to confirm with the instructor run the risk of being asked to leave the course if they do not meet the prerequisites. Students should get in contact with faculty through the department by contacting the department administrator. In some cases, the department administrator may contact the instructor on the student's behalf.

Non-degree students must complete the following two forms and submit them with payment in full during the registration period. Forms and payment must be submitted to

Student Administrative Services, Naropa University, 2130 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302 (fax 303-546-3536). Offices are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration periods, including add/drop dates, are available in our course schedules. Please note that some courses have alternate calendars.

Nondegree students must adhere to all Naropa policies and procedures. A current copy of the academic catalog and academic policies is available at the Naropa Library.

For assistance or questions, please contact Student Administrative Services at 303-546-3500 and ask for the non-degree student registration coordinator.

Tuition and Fee Information

Non-degree students do not pay a registration fee.

  • Tuition for academic credit at Naropa is dependent on the program, ranging from $750-$1,090 per credit. For example, if you are interested in earning credit for a 3-credit on-campus course with a cost of $750 per credit, the cost would be $2,250.
  • To register for non-credit, the cost is $250 per class.
  • Some courses have specific fees associated with them. This information can be found in the schedule. Refer to the course listing in the academic catalog.

Payment in full is due at the time of registration although it will not be processed until admission in the class is confirmed. Payments are accepted in the form of cash, check, and MasterCard/Visa. For questions about tuition and for credit card payments by phone, contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts at 303-546-3554 or email . Federal financial aid is not available for non-degree students, though some scholarships may be available through Naropa University.

Confirmation of Enrollment

All non-degree students can attend class from the first session, but formal entry into class will be determined on the first day after the course add/drop period (when space availability is finalized). Students will then be notified by email regarding their registration status. Tuition and fee payments will not be processed if there are no spaces available.

CU Student Discounts

University of Colorado degree-seeking students may be eligible for a discount when taking campus-based Tibetan and Sanskrit courses for credit. Contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts for current discount levels. CU students are allocated spaces in Tibetan and Sanskrit courses immediately upon receipt of registration materials and payment.

Transfer Policies

There are specific transfer policies for graduate and undergraduate programs. If you are taking courses with the intent to transfer them into any degree-seeking program you should check carefully with your program to ensure the transfer will be approved. If you are intending to transfer credits into a Naropa graduate or undergraduate program, check with the Office of Admissions about how courses you wish to take may fit into the program you're interested in. Be aware that Naropa will only transfer in courses taken for credit. Courses taken for noncredit cannot later be changed to for-credit.

Obtaining a Transcript

To obtain a transcript of the classes you took for credit, please follow the procedure for Transcript Requests. Naropa does not issue transcripts for courses taken for noncredit.

Grade Notification

Grade reports are sent to students' home addresses approximately four to six weeks after the semester's end.


Contact Student Administrative Services at 303-546-3500.