Accepted International Student Requirements

Once an international student is accepted to Naropa University, they will be required to provide the following documents. Our International Student Advising staff will assist students with these procedures.

Immigration Documents

To study at Naropa, international students will need to complete several immigration documents after they are accepted. For more information, please visit our International Students Immigration Information page.

Financial Documentation

International students who are accepted academically to Naropa and need to apply for an F-1 student visa must submit documentation of financial resources for the first academic year (nine months). Documentation must be in English, dated within six months, and must show the ability to pay both tuition and living expenses as estimated by Naropa University. Acceptable proof of funds includes:

  • A personal bank statement in the student's name.
  • Bank statement in the name of a sponsor (parent, spouse/partner, relative, etc.). If using a sponsor, the Source of Funds Statement must also be submitted.
  • Government or private foundation sponsorship documentation, including a letter from the sponsor confirming support and stating the amount of aid.

International students starting in the 2021-22 Academic Year are required to show proof of the following amounts:

Undergraduate BA $54,648
Graduate MA Programs  
        Eco-Psychology $48,372
        Creative Writing and Poetics $47,064
        Master of Divinity $50,652
        Yoga Studies MA $32,220
        Creative Writing (Low-Residency) $45,960
        Transpersonal Art Therapy $44,248
        Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology $48,448
        Somatic Counseling Body Psychotherapy $44,248
        Somatic Counseling Dance/Movement Therapy $44,248
        Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling $44,248
        Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy $46,248



If you have dependents, you'll need to document an additional amount of funding:

  • $8,901 for a spouse
  • $6,676 for each dependent

In addition, the Admissions Office will require a copy of each dependent's passport.