Prior Living and Learning Communities

Arts Initiative House

The Arts Initiative House community strives to create a dynamic and inspiring environment for students to pursue their artistic interests. This community will provide students with experiences beyond the classroom to connect with faculty and artists, and explore local art performances while forming a community with their peers. This community will provide students with experiences beyond the classroom to connect with faculty and artists, and explore local art performances while forming a community with their peers. This community is designed for artists of any art form. These include writers, musicians, fine arts majors and music enthusiasts who are interested in belonging to a community that values and appreciates art in its many forms. Students participating in this community will gain a better sense of self, exposure to various art mediums, and an understanding of opportunities outside of the community to continue to pursue their academic and professional goals while expanding their knowledge and interests in the arts. This community will have an opportunity to host readings, workshops, talks, among other aspects of the arts. Additionally, students can reside, perform, and study together. This community will stretch and strengthen a student’s musical education through quality interactions with peers, professors, and partners.

Faculty: Leah Friedman

Spiritual & Contemplative Practices House (SCP)

Spiritual & Contemplative Practices House (SCPencourages substance (including tobacco) and alcohol-free lifestyles. It is an environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind and spirit and provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a healthier lifestyle through meditation and other forms of spirituality. The SCP allows students to partner with community organizations that value a spiritual and healthy outlook on life, while providing programming initiatives that are connected with the Eight Dimensions of Wellness – occupational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, financial and environmental. The program’s emphasis on a Contemplative Practices community creates a tight-knit environment and friendly atmosphere. Residents can also take part in several community service projects, so as to promote spiritual practices as well as substance and alcohol free lifestyles on and off campus.

Faculty: Zvi Ish–Shalom and Phil Stanley

Sustainable Wellness House (SWH) 

The Sustainable Wellness House (SWH) is a residential special interest housing program designed for first year residential students. The main goal of the program is to create a supportive educational and social environment for incoming first year students while simultaneously promoting academic excellence, diversity & social justice, leadership, and service. SWH participants will have the opportunity to participate in a series of programmatic events that are designed to ease student transition into the academic and social life of Naropa University. Students interested in this option must preference SWH on the housing application and complete the SWH application below. It is also an open, loving community of intention. SWH House consists of the environmentally friendly, socially conscious, fun-loving students who place an emphasis on nature, wilderness, the outdoors and heathy lifestyle. People who live here take part in meetings, cook crews, house crews and working in our roof deck garden and greenhouse. When applying to SWH, you should be aware of the commitment of time and energy needed on a daily basis. 

Faculty: Ramon Parish, Cynthia Drake, and Stephen Polk

Contemplative Psychology House

Contemplative Psychology House (CPH) is designed for incoming first year students and returning students who intend to major in Contemplative Psychology. The focus will be to explore all the different branches of psychology and to prepare students with the tools they will need to be successful at Naropa. Students will take classes and live with others who share their interest in psychology and will also meet and develop relationships with psychology professors. PH members will participate in a variety of activities including:

  • Guest speakers knowledgeable in the many areas of psychology and research
  • Social gatherings with your PH friends from the start
  • Workshops on résumé writing, effective networking, and interview skills
  • Exploring the many different career paths that psychology majors pursue
  • Friends study and socialize with fellow PH members. Tackle those first-year courses with your friends by forming study groups where you live!
  • Community Assistant: Meet weekly with an upper-class/graduate student to plan or attend social, academic, and community service events.
  • Faculty Member: Get to know a member of the faculty outside of the classroom at weekly lunches or dinners in your own residence hall!

Faculty: Susan Burggraf