Housing Options & Rates

Room Options, Costs & Billing

snow lionThe pricing below is for the Spring 2018 semester.

Snow Lion Costs: 

$1000/month ($4,500/semester) for a private bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment
$650/month ($2,925/semester) for a shared bedroom in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment
$1000/month ($6,000/semester) for a private 1 bedroom Apartment on a 12 month lease*
$1500/month ($9,000/semester) for a private 1 bedroom Apartment shared with a Non-Naropa partner on a 12 month lease*
*Only for Junior, Senior, or Graduate level students.
$950/month ($4,275/semester) for a private bedroom and bathroom in the residence hall
$764/month ($3,440/semester) for a shared room and bathroom in the residence hall


Housing fees include your apartment, all utilities, high speed internet and laundry.

Each resident will also be charged a $65 activity fee each semester.

Private space is based on availability. Private apartments are not available to students required to live on-campus.

How will I be billed?

Housing will be added to your Naropa University tuition bill, so the balance is due when your tuition is due. We do ask that you pay the deposit in advance so you can secure your room assignment. When you're budgeting for the year, be sure to include the room cost and the optional meal plan costs. Please contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts at 303-546-3554 for more information about billing and payment.

Required Housing Policy

The university views housing as an integral part of a student's journey and is a place where students are supported with co-curricular, educational and social opportunities necessary for continued personal and academic success.

Failure of a required student to sign a lease, submit a $300 damage deposit, and occupy an assigned space by 9 a.m. on the first day of classes each semester results in termination of the Housing Agreement along with a $300 cancellation fee. In addition, a termination premium of at least 25% of the room fee is owed for the remainder of the academic year. The only exception to this policy is if the student has been granted a residency policy waiver (see below).

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Required Housing Students

Students 20 years and younger with less than 30 credits of post-secondary education. These students are required to live in university housing.

Open Housing Students

Students 21 years and older with 30 credits or more of post-secondary education. These students have the option to live in university housing, but are not required.





Required Housing Policy Waivers

You may be waived from living on campus if you meet the following criteria:

  • Living with parents/guardians within a 40 mile radius of Boulder.
  • At Least 21 Years Old: You will be at least 21 by September 1 (fall) or January 17 (spring). Residence Life will verify your birth date.
  • Expect to have at least 30 hours by June 15 (for fall) or December 30 (for spring).
  • Enrolling in less than 12 credit hours during each semester. Residence life will verify.
  • Married or Parent: Determined exempt through marriage, domestic partnership, or parenthood. Attach verifiable documentation such as a marriage certificate, a domestic partnership certificate, or a birth certificate signed by the county clerk.
  • Medical Condition: You have a medical condition that requires an off-campus living environment. To request release under this category, you must demonstrate the necessity of such an arrangement with a doctor's note and your personal outline of the change in physical or emotional health you anticipate due to this living situation. Exceptions requests due to medical reasons are determined by the Disability Services Coordinator (located in Student Affairs, 2nd Floor of Wulsin Hall, Arapahoe Campus). In order to request a medical exception, please submit this form, with appropriate documentation.
  • Other: You feel that your situation warrants a waiver from the residency requirement. To request release under this category, please briefly explain below and then attach a letter that demonstrates your desire to be released from the residency requirement. Release under this provision is extremely unlikely and should not be expected.

Download the Residency Policy Waiver Form.

For questions regarding this policy, please send an email to .