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Transfer Students



Naropa is a transfer-friendly university. In fact, most of our undergraduate students started their degrees elsewhere and are finishing them at Naropa. Why? Because they want a meaningful education that will help them develop personally as well as professionally. 

Transfer students follow the same application process and are afforded all of the same benefits as first-time students. Please submit all college transcripts, as well as high school transcripts when applying for admission.


Rolling Admission

Naropa University uses a rolling admissions policy. Applying early provides applicants with the greatest chance to be considered for financial aid eligibility and allows us to process application documents in a timely manner. However, the Office of Admissions will gladly continue to review applications until the school year begins or until all spots for incoming students are filled. To ensure fairness, applications received will be reviewed in the order they are received by the Office of Admissions.

Request a Free Transcript Evaluation

Free Transcript Evaluation: Naropa offers a free transcript evaluation to incoming undergraduates. It is a great opportunity to get an idea of the admissions requirements and help you decide whether to apply. 

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