Colorado Transfer Courses Recently Accepted into Naropa University’s Core Curriculum

Below is a list of coursework from local Colorado universities and colleges that have been accepted into Naropa’s core curriculum requirements. Please note that all core curriculum requirements can be met through work completed outside of Naropa, with the exception of the Contemplative Learning Seminar and Body-Mind Practice requirements.

For more information on Naropa's degree requirements and core curriculum, please see Naropa's online course catalog. And please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions with questions – or for a free unofficial transfer credit evaluation!

Currently Accepted Courses

Writing Seminar I & II

Writing Seminar I

Arapahoe Community College ENG121 Comp I
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs ENG121  English Composition 
Colorado Mountain College–Leadville ENG121    English Composition  
Colorado State University–Fort Collin CO102   Introduction to Writing  
Colorado State University–Fort Collins CO150    College Composition 
Colorado Tech ENGL111   English Composition I  
Community College of Denver ENG100   Composition Style & Tech  
Community College of Denver ENG121   English Composition I  
Front Range Community College ENG111    English Comp; Essay Writing 
Front Range Community College ENG121   English Composition I  
Metropolitan State College ENG101  Freshman Comp: The Essay  
Metropolitan State College ENG1010  Freshman Composition–The Essay 
Pikes Peak Community College ENG121  English Composition I
Pueblo Community College ENG121   English Comp I  
Red Rocks Community College ENG121  English Composition I  
Regis University CCS200A   Freshman Seminar I  
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design WO1020  Written & Oral Communication  
University of Colorado–Boulder ELA100   Freshman English  
University of Colorado–Boulder ENGL131   Rhetoric & Writing I  
University of Colorado–Boulder HUMN1020  Intro to Humanities 2  
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1100  Extended First Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1150  First year Writing  
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1250   Advanced First Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs ENG131   COMP I  
University of Colorado–Denver ENGL1020   Composition I  
University of Denver FSEM1111  First Year Seminar

Writing Seminar II

Arapahoe Community College ENG122  Comp II  
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs ENG122    English Composition II 
Colorado State University COCC150   College Composition  
Community College of Denver ENG121  English Composition  
Front Range Community College ENG112    ENGLISH COMPOSITION II: CO2 
Front Range Community College ENG122   English Composition II  
Metropolitan State College ENG1020  Freshman Comp-Res. Anly & Documt  
Metropolitan State College ENG120  Freshman Comp–Re, Anyl–Doc 
Pikes Peak Community College ENG122    English Composition II 
Red Rocks Community College ENG122   English Composition II  
Regis University CCS220B  Freshman Seminar II  
University of Colorado–Boulder ELA101    Freshman English 
University of Colorado–Boulder HONR4055    Discours Analy/Cult Crit 
University of Colorado–Boulder HUMN1020   Introduction to Humanities 2 
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1250  Advanced First-Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Denver ENGL2030   Composition II
Diversity Seminar
Metropolitan State College CHS1020 History of Chicana/o in SW 1910–pres.
University of Colorado–Boulder ANTH1170 Culture, Gender, Film
University of Colorado–Boulder EDUC3013 School & Society
University of Colorado–Boulder ETHN3000 Race, Class & Gender
University of Colorado–Boulder SOCY1006 Social Constr./Sexuality
University of Colorado–Boulder WMST2600 Gender, Race & Class
University of Colorado–Denver ANTH3345 Cultural Diversity in the Modern World
Artistic Process
Arapahoe Community College ART255 Color Photography
Arapahoe Community College MUS111  Sight Singing I
Arapahoe Community College MUS112 Sight Singing II
Colorado College ART101 Basic Studio
Colorado College DRAMA105 Acting I
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs ART211 Painting I
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs MUS152 Ensemble II
Colorado Northwestern Community College ENG221 Creative Writing
Colorado State University–Fort Collins AR135 Introduction to Drawing
Community College of Denver ART111 Basic Drawing
Community College of Denver DAN130 Dance Sampler
Community College of Denver MUS141 Private Instruction: Voice
Community College of Denver PHO101 Fundamentals of B&W Photography
Fort Lewis College MU120 Fundamentals of Music
Fort Lewis College THEA100 Dramatic Theater
Front Range Community College ART121 Drawing I
Front Range Community College ART211 Painting I
Front Range Community College DRA115 Theater Production
Pikes Peak Community College ENG221 Creative Writing I
Red Rocks Community College ART121 Drawing I
Red Rocks Community College ART211 Painting I
Red Rocks Community College ENG227 Poetry Writing
Red Rocks Community College THE111 Acting I
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design FD1115 Visual Design I
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design FD1235 Observational Drawing
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design FD1360   Structural Drawing
University of Colorado–Boulder EMUS1327 Symphony Orchestra  
University of Colorado–Boulder EMUS1507   Chamber Music
University of Colorado–Boulder  ENGL1191 Intro Creative Writing
University of Colorado–Boulder ENGL3051 Intermediate Fiction Workshop  
University of Colorado–Boulder MUEL1155  Intermediate Guitar
University of Colorado–Boulder MUEL1416 Intro to Hand Percussion
University of Colorado–Boulder PMUS1766 Voice
University of Colorado–Boulder PMUS1786 Folk Guitar
University of Colorado–Boulder THTR1003 Beginning Acting
University of Denver ARTS2055 Color
University of Northern Colorado DNCE295 Beginning Dance Theory
University of Northern Colorado DNCE356 Dance Performance III
Cultural and Historical Studies
Colorado Christian University HIS202 World Civilization II
Colorado College  HS120 Renaissance Culture: History & Lit.
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs  ANT101 Cultural Anthropology
Colorado State University–Fort Collins  HIST170 World History, Ancient–1500
Community College Of Denver  ANT101 Cultural Anthropology
Fort Lewis College  HIST334 United States & Vietnam
Fort Lewis College  MU102 Introduction to Music
Fort Lewis College  PHIL320 Indigenous Worldviews
Fort Lewis College  WS101 Introduction to Women's Studies
Front Range Community College ANT101 Cultural Anthropology
Front Range Community College ANT105 American Deaf Cultures
Front Range Community College ART111 Art History I
Front Range Community College HIS102 Western Civilization II
Front Range Community College HIS202 United States History II
Front Range Community College HIS215 Women in U.S. History
Front Range Community College  IPP147 Survey of Deaf Culture
Front Range Community College LIT205 Ethnic Literature
Front Range Community College  PSY217 Human Sexuality
Metropolitan State College ANT1310 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Metropolitan State College   HIS3090 Native American in American History
Metropolitan State College  SOC365D Women and Aging
Pikes Peak Community College ANT215   Indians of North America
Pikes Peak Community College HIS101   Western Civilization I
Red Rocks Community College ANT101 Cultural Anthropology:SS3  
Red Rocks Community College MUS120   Music Appreciation
Regis University PV400 Foundations of Peace & Justice
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design  GE223  Cultural Geography 
University of Colorado–Boulder   ANTH1100 Explore Nonwestern Culture/Tamil
University of Colorado–Boulder  ARTH3419   Modern Art Survey 
University of Colorado–Boulder ENGL3377 Topics: Multicultural Literature
University of Colorado–Boulder  FILM3013   Women & Film
University of Colorado–Boulder  HIST1010   W Civilization I–Antiquity to 16C  
University of Colorado–Boulder  HIST1035   Honors–US 10 1865  
University of Colorado–Boulder   LIBB1600   Gender & Film  
University of Colorado–Boulder  SOCY1004   Deviance in U.S. Society  
University of Colorado–Boulder   SOCY1016   Sex, Gender & Society  
University of Colorado–Boulder   WMST2000  Introduction to Feminist Studies  
University of Colorado–Boulder  WMST2020  Soc Const/Feminine/Masculine  
University of Colorado–Boulder  WMST2200   Women Literature and Arts  
University of Colorado–Boulder   WMST4636   Lesbian & Gay History  
University of Colorado–Denver  ANTH3142   Immigration/Ethnicity Amer. History
University of Denver  AHUM1516   Foundations in Music 
Scientific Inquiry
Arapahoe Community College PSY101 General Psychology I
Colorado Christian University PSY101 General Psychology
Colorado College CHEM106 General Chemistry
Colorado College MATH126 Calculus I
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs BIO227 Ecology
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs GEO105 World Regional Geography
Colorado Mountain College–Leadville BIO227 Ecology
Colorado Northwestern Community College PSY101 General Psychology I
Colorado Tech BIO141 Human Anatomy & Physiology
Colorado Tech MATH143 Business Algebra
Community College of Aurora PSY101 General Psychology I
Community College of Denver MAT101 Applied Math I
Community College of Denver MAT106 Survey of Algebra
Community College Of Denver PSY101 General Psychology
Fort Lewis College PHSC206 Introduction to Astronomy
Fort Lewis College PSYC157 Introduction to Psychology
Fort Lewis College TRS82 Introduction to Algebra
Front Range Community College GEO105 World Regional Geography
Front Range Community College MAT106 Survey of Algebra
Front Range Community College MAT111 Introductory Algebra  
Front Range Community College  MAT114   General Math for College  
Front Range Community College   MAT121   College Algebra
Front Range Community College  PSY101   General Psychology I  
Front Range Community College   PSY102  General Psychology II  
Metropolitan State College   BIO1000  Human Biology for Non-Majors 
Metropolitan State College  ENV1200  Intro to Environmental Science 
Metropolitan State College  GEG100  World Regional Geography 
Metropolitan State College  PSY1001  Introductory Psychology 
Metropolitan State College  PSY101  Introductory Psychology  
Pikes Peak Community College  PSY101   General Psych
Pueblo Community College  MAT121  College Algebra 
Red Rocks Community College  AST101  Astronomy I  
Red Rocks Community College  GEY111  Physical Geology 
Red Rocks Community College   MAT106   Survey Algebra  
Red Rocks Community College  PSY101   General Psychology 
Regis University   SO200   Intro to Sociology  
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design  MA1210  Math of Art + Design 
University of Colorado–Boulder  ASTR1010  Intro to Astronomy 
University of Colorado–Boulder  CHEM1021  Intro to Chemistry 
University of Colorado–Boulder   CHEN1111   General Chemistry I 
University of Colorado–Boulder   EBIO1030  Biology–Human Approach 
University of Colorado–Boulder  EBIO1210  General Biology 1 
University of Colorado–Boulder  ECON2010  Principles of Microeconomics 
University of Colorado–Boulder   EPOB1010  Biology–A Human Approach 
University of Colorado–Boulder  GEO100   Environmental Sys-Climate-Vege 2/2010
University of Colorado–Boulder  GEOG1001  Environmental Systems I
University of Colorado–Boulder   GEOL1010  Introduction to Geology  
University of Colorado–Boulder  MATH1012  Quant Reason/Math Skills  
University of Colorado–Boulder   PES100   Physics in Everyday Life  
University of Colorado–Boulder  PSYC1001   General Psychology
University of Colorado–Denver   ECON2012   Principles of Economics  
University of Colorado–Denver   PSY1000  Introduction to Psychology 
World Wisdom Traditions
Colorado Christian University BIB230 Interpret the Bible
Colorado Mountain College–Steamboat Springs PHI214  Philosophy of Religion
Community College of Denver PHI115  World Religions–West
Fort Lewis College PHIL321  World Religions
Front Range Community College HUM115 World Mythology
Front Range Community College PHI116  World Religion East
Front Range Community College PHI203 Introduction to Buddhism
Front Range Community College PHI214  Philosophy of Religion
Pikes Peak Community College PHI114 O  Comparative Religions
Pueblo Community College PHI115 Comparative Religions
Red Rocks Community College PHI116  World Religions–East
Regis University RS200  Introduction to Religious Studies
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design SBS3030 World Belief Systems
University of Colorado–Boulder PHIL105 Philosophy & Religion
University of Colorado–Boulder RLST1620 Religious Dimen/Human Experience
University of Colorado–Boulder RLST2600 Judaism/Christianity/Islam
University of Colorado–Boulder RLST2610 Religions of South Asia
University of Colorado–Boulder RLST2620 Religions of East Asia
University of Colorado–Boulder RLST2700 American Indian Religious Traditions