Undergraduate Employment


Students with a work-study award can apply for a work-study employment position on-campus or through one of our approved off-campus work-study sites as part of the community work-study program. Students can work 5 to 20 hours per week. Students are paid twice per month. Earnings are paid to the student  and are subject to taxation. Students must demonstrate financial need to be eligible for work-study. Receiving a work-study award is not a guarantee of employment.   

View and apply for work-study positions

Community Work-Study

Naropa employs a small percentage of students at the following non-profit organizations in the Boulder area through the community work-study program:

Community work-study is a great opportunity to be of service to the community and work with children and adults in tutoring, counseling, and teaching. You must be eligible for work-study and be a United States citizen to hold a work-study job at a community work-study site.

View and apply for community work-study jobs 

How to apply for a Community Work-Study job

  • Contact the site/organization directly to inquire about available jobs and the application process
  • If the site selects you for a position, students must also complete Naropa’s employment application and new hire process:
    • Background check release and authorization
    • New hire paperwork
  • Once you’ve completed the above listed forms, take them to Human Resources along with your work authorization documents noted on the third page of the I-9 Form
  • Common forms of identification include passport, driver’s license and social security card or birth certificate. These documents need to be presented to Human Resources within 3 business days of your first day of work
  • If the site/organization selects you for a position and you have successfully completed Naropa’s new hire process, Student Financial Services will contact your site supervisor to confirm you can start working in your position