Undergraduate Costs & Aid

Undergraduate Costs & Aid


At Naropa University, we work to keep things authentic. Here's the total cost for a Naropa education, no scholarships or financial aid applied:

2015-16 Academic Year

$30,570 Tuition/Fees
+$6,125 Student Housing at Snow Lion (shared room in a one- or two-bedroom apartment)
+$1,256 Student Health Insurance

$37,951 Total

The vast majority of Naropa students don't pay this amount. About 70 percent of our undergraduates receive some form of scholarship or financial aid.

Let's run the numbers

$37,951 Total Cost
-$24,236 Average Scholarship/Grant*
-$12,741 Average Student Loan

$974 Remaining Direct Cost

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Naropa University Net Price Calculator

At Naropa, we strive to make a Naropa education accessible to as many students as we can.

To get a better idea of what you might pay at Naropa, run your numbers through Naropa's Net Price Calculator.

*Average scholarships and grants reflect the average of those students receiving this type of aid. 74% of Naropa students receive a grant or scholarship.

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