Payment Information

Payment must be received, not postmarked, by the due date in order for it to be considered on time. If your bill is not paid by Monday of the week prior to your classes starting, you risk disenrollment from your courses. About one month prior to the semester beginning, and once registered, you can find your costs on your Estimated Bill & Schedule (EBS) on the Billing & Payments page of MyNaropa. Prior to the EBS being available, please use our tuition-per-credit handout, found on the same page, to calculate your costs.

During the add/drop period of each semester, you have a chance to add and drop courses which will affect your tuition bill. After that, during the withdraw period, only a portion, if any, of tuition will be refunded for droped courses. See the Registration page at for more information on dates for the add/drop and withdraw periods.

If you add classes during the add/drop period, you have approximately a month to pay for them. Please check your Estimated Bill & Schedule (EBS) after the add/drop period and paid any balance due. Specific due dates and late fees for the current semester can be found on the Key Payment Dates and Info handout, which you can find on the Billing & Payments page of MyNaropa.

Please include your name, student ID number, and semester with all payments to ensure the correct student account is credited. If you do not know your student ID number, please include the last four digits of your social security number and/or your phone number.

Before the start of the semester, you have access to your estimated bill on the web by logging into web registration and clicking on ‘Estimated Bill’. You can log into web registration by going to

Questions about billing?
Contact the Coordinator of Student Accounts at (303) 546-3554 or .

Thank you for all your efforts!