Transfer Credits for Core Curriculum

At Naropa University, we make an effort to transfer in as many credits as possible. We recognize the cost and time that transfer students have expended in their studies prior to coming to Naropa, and wish to make your transition seamless. Below is a list of each core curriculum area of study, along with sample classes that can typically count towards transfer credit.

This is an expository/writing-intensive course. Transferable courses typically include:

  • Writing 1 or 101
  • Composition 1 or 101
  • English 101
  • Expository writing
  • Creative writing if listed as nonfiction
  • AP score of 3 or better and IB or CLEP equivalent
  • First Year Seminar that is writing intensive


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Accepted Courses

Colorado Transfer Courses Recently Accepted into Naropa University’s Core Curriculum

Below is a list of coursework from local Colorado universities and colleges that have been accepted into Naropa’s core curriculum requirements. Please note that all core curriculum requirements can be met through work completed outside of Naropa, with the exception of the Contemplative Learning Seminar and Body-Mind Practice requirements.

For more information on Naropa's degree requirements and core curriculum, please see Naropa's online course catalog. And please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions with questions – or for a free unofficial transfer credit evaluation!

Writing Seminar I

Arapahoe Community College ENG121 Comp I
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs ENG121  English Composition 
Colorado Mountain College–Leadville ENG121    English Composition  
Colorado State University–Fort Collin CO102   Introduction to Writing  
Colorado State University–Fort Collins CO150    College Composition 
Colorado Tech ENGL111   English Composition I  
Community College of Denver ENG100   Composition Style & Tech  
Community College of Denver ENG121   English Composition I  
Front Range Community College ENG111    English Comp; Essay Writing 
Front Range Community College ENG121   English Composition I  
Metropolitan State College ENG101  Freshman Comp: The Essay  
Metropolitan State College ENG1010  Freshman Composition–The Essay 
Pikes Peak Community College ENG121  English Composition I
Pueblo Community College ENG121   English Comp I  
Red Rocks Community College ENG121  English Composition I  
Regis University CCS200A   Freshman Seminar I  
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design WO1020  Written & Oral Communication  
University of Colorado–Boulder ELA100   Freshman English  
University of Colorado–Boulder ENGL131   Rhetoric & Writing I  
University of Colorado–Boulder HUMN1020  Intro to Humanities 2  
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1100  Extended First Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1150  First year Writing  
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1250   Advanced First Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Colorado Springs ENG131   COMP I  
University of Colorado–Denver ENGL1020   Composition I  
University of Denver FSEM1111  First Year Seminar

Writing Seminar II

Arapahoe Community College ENG122  Comp II  
Colorado Mountain College–Glenwood Springs ENG122    English Composition II 
Colorado State University COCC150   College Composition  
Community College of Denver ENG121  English Composition  
Front Range Community College ENG112    ENGLISH COMPOSITION II: CO2 
Front Range Community College ENG122   English Composition II  
Metropolitan State College ENG1020  Freshman Comp-Res. Anly & Documt  
Metropolitan State College ENG120  Freshman Comp–Re, Anyl–Doc 
Pikes Peak Community College ENG122    English Composition II 
Red Rocks Community College ENG122   English Composition II  
Regis University CCS220B  Freshman Seminar II  
University of Colorado–Boulder ELA101    Freshman English 
University of Colorado–Boulder HONR4055    Discours Analy/Cult Crit 
University of Colorado–Boulder HUMN1020   Introduction to Humanities 2 
University of Colorado–Boulder WRTG1250  Advanced First-Year Writing 
University of Colorado–Denver ENGL2030   Composition II