How to Apply to Naropa

Transfer Students

We fiercely embrace diversity and inclusivity. As a part of that, we value the time and energy our transfer students have spent at their previous academic institutions and aim to make the transfer process as easy as possible. We're proud to offer the Transfer Student Guarantee, which provides financial and advisory aid to all transfer students.

All students with 12 or more transferable post-high school credits receive:

  • $5,000 Transfer Scholarship (must have minimum 2.0 cumulative gpa)
  • Custom transfer visit
  • All course fees included in tuition
  • Free transfer evaluation
  • Pre-registration advising
  • Transfer up to 30 credits from career or vocational training
  • Transfer up to 75 university credits
  • Open admissions for 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Access to Boulder housing
  • RTD Bus Pass

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Of Naropa undergraduate students are transfers.

How to Apply

Naropa is a transfer-friendly university. In fact, most of our undergraduate students started their degrees elsewhere and are finishing them at Naropa. Why? Because they want a meaningful education that will help them develop personally as well as professionally.

Naropa University uses a rolling admissions policy. Applying early provides applicants with the greatest chance to be considered for financial aid eligibility and allows us to process application documents in a timely manner. However, the Office of Admissions will gladly continue to review applications until the school year begins or until all spots for incoming students are filled. To ensure fairness, applications received will be reviewed in the order they are received by the Office of Admissions.

Transfer students follow the same application process and are afforded all of the same benefits as first-time students. Please submit all college transcripts regardless of credits earned. If you have earned less than 60 college semester credits we will also require your high school transcripts when applying for admission.

As of May 2022, Naropa will only allow a prospective student to apply to one program at a time. If you would like to apply to a different program or term, please contact your admission counselor or

Hear from a Naropa Graduate


"I had a few formative experiences before college, [which] made me determined not to accept the status quo. I was determined to study at Princeton, because I believed it would help me make change in the world. Once there, I became very unhappy, because I did not feel that I was learning how to make change in the world. I wasn't sure about Naropa at first, but I quickly realized what a magical community I had just stepped into. I made some of the best friends of my life and really got to know myself—what makes me come alive, what I'm afraid of, and what limiting narratives I'm telling myself. My education at Naropa has become the foundation for the work that I'm taking into the world."

Finn Woelm

BA Interdisciplinary Studies '18

Transferring to Naropa

At Naropa, we value the time and energy our transfer students have spent at their previous academic institutions. The following transfer guidelines are designed to help students transfer in as much credit as possible, while still allowing them to engage in the full Naropa experience.

We'd like to offer an unofficial transcript evaluation to any interested transfer applicant. Once a student is accepted, the Registrar’s Office will prepare an official transcript evaluation, documenting all transferable credit and how it would apply to the undergraduate degree program.

Steps to Admission

We are here to support you through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact or  1-800-772-6951 with any questions.

Apply Online

Admissions Requirements

Students with 3.0 GPA or Higher

Academic Performance

  • 3.0 GPA
  • 83+ on the 100-point Grading Scale
  • GED 175+

Application Requirements

  • Official transcripts and/or GED scores
  • Disciplinary form (if applicable)

Students with Less than 3.0 GPA

Academic Performance

  • Less than 3.0 GPA
  • Less than 83+ on the 100-point Grading Scale
  • GED 145-174
  • Home school transcript
  • Narrative transcript

Application Requirements

  • Official transcripts and/or GED scores
  • Disciplinary form (if applicable)
  • Essay
  • Consultation with Admissions

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