How to Apply to Naropa

First-Time Students

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Naropa offers out-of-the box majors for inspired learners. This really isn’t your typical bachelor’s degree.

Yes, Naropa is an accredited university with everything your parents want in a college: rigorous academics, experiential learning, and impressive career outcomes. But we also offer profound self-discovery, a radically inclusive campus culture, and compelling majors that draw from the intellectual traditions of both the East and West.

By applying to Naropa, you’re beginning a journey towards more than just a degree. You’ll graduate with a deep knowledge of your gifts and how to share them with the world. 

Our Admissions Philosophy

Non-Traditional Admissions Process

Naropa’s admissions process reflects the values of a contemplative education. We consider both your academic performance and your willingness to do the hard work of introspection and self-growth. Our admissions process is as thoughtful and engaged as we expect you to be when you step into your first year at Naropa. 

If you have a history of strong academic performance, we welcome you with minimal admissions requirements. If your academic performance has not been strong in the past, but you believe that you could benefit from a Naropa education and effectively contribute to the Naropa community, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Rolling Admissions

Applying early offers you the greatest chance to be considered for financial aid opportunities and allows us to process your documents in a timely manner. However, the Office of Admissions will gladly continue to review applications until the school year begins or until all places for incoming students are filled. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received by the Office of Admissions, so apply today

What You’ll Find at Naropa


Deep Learning

Our small class sizes and dedicated faculty support thoughtful engagement. Naropa classrooms are brave spaces that emphasize mindfulness and academic inquiry. Get ready to dig deep into each topic you encounter.

Research Opportunities

Your Life Purpose

A Naropa education is a lived experience. Through meditation, reflection, research, and service, you’ll discover the calling that is uniquely your own—then develop that calling into a future path.

Senior Year Synthesis

A Commitment to Others

Service to others is at the core of Naropa’s mission. Our campus culture inspires students to lead with compassion, using their gifts to change the world for the better.

Admission Requirements

Students with 3.0 GPA or Higher

If you’re a student with a 3.0 GPA (or higher), an 83+ average on the 100-point grading scale, and/or a GED score of 175+, your application requirements are as follows:

Application Requirements

Students with Less than 3.0 GPA

If you’re a student with a GPA less than 3.0, an average of less than 83+ on the 100-point grading scale, and/or a GED score of 145–174, your application requirements are as follows:

Application Requirements

  • Complete Naropa Online Application
  • Submit official transcripts and/or GED scores
  • Submit Admissions Essay 
  • Consultation Interview with Admissions Counselor

Here’s how to apply to Naropa:

  • Fill out Naropa’s short online admissions application and submit your academic transcripts and related documents.
  • Expect to hear back from an Admissions Counselor within one week of submitting all required documents. Sometimes the wait may be slightly longer, depending on the volume of applications. 
  • Unsure which documents we need from you? Simply begin by completing the admissions application.
  • Naropa counselors are here to support you! Please email or call 1-800-772-6951 with any questions.

Thea Bosselmann, Creative Writing & Poetics, 2017


“I felt ‘called’ to Naropa. The first time I visited, I knew I would return. When I applied, I knew it was the next step on my soul journey toward becoming a more integrated human being. I truly believe that change starts in our own minds and bodies and radiates out to the world.”

Garen Whitmore, Creative Writing & Poetics, 2017


"At convocation, my future friend Zoey climbed onstage and explained her serendipitous journey toward Naropa. Many have these tales. But Zoey is trans, and I am nonbinary trans. To see someone like me have that courage and be accepted is what solidified my sense of home at Naropa."

Questions? Give us a call today.