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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in
Environmental Studies

Today, honoring the planet is more important than ever. In Naropa's environmental studies major, deepen your commitment to sustainability while learning to creatively address complex environmental issues. Our graduates’ environmental studies careers have included holistic health practitioners, urban food managers, wilderness guides, and more.

If you're seeking the best colleges for environmental studies, look no further than Naropa. As the founders of contemplative education in the West, we're uniquely situated to help environmental studies undergraduates cultivate their relationships with themselves through a connected relationship with nature. 

When you major in environmental studies at Naropa, your education will take you beyond the classroom. Explore Naropa's green campus, hike the Colorado outdoors, and engage with the local sustainability community.


Quick Facts

  • 36 Credit Hours
  • 6 Environmental Minors: Ecology and Systems Science, Environmental Justice, Food Justice, Permaculture, Sacred Ecology, and Sustainability
  • 2 Scholarships Awarded to Outstanding Environmental Science Undergraduates


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in Environmental Studies

Transform your understanding of yourself and the natural world in interdisciplinary environmental studies courses that combine Western natural and social sciences with contemplative education, social justice, and world wisdom traditions. Study food policy, practice nature-based awareness, and learn skills for surviving in the wilderness. 

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to give back to the planet and your community while discovering your unique path to an environmental studies career. Courses within the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies include

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With a job in environmental studies, you'll serve both the planet and future generations. Not sure which environmental studies career is right for you? You can trust Naropa, named one of the 2020 Best Colleges for Environmental Science in Colorado, to help you find your way.


Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science

Want to learn more about the natural sciences but crave a deeper connection with nature? As a major in environmental studies, you'll take a broader look at environmental issues, examining them through the lens of social justice, politics, community, and your own internal landscape. 

Among environmental degree programs, Naropa's bachelor's in environmental studies is unique in its contemplative approach. Your personal relationship with nature is the key to guiding communities and cultures back to a meaningful relationship with the natural world.

Experiential Learning

Naropa's major in environmental studies extends learning beyond the classroom, requiring students to actively engage in the university community and beyond. Research and learning opportunities are available in the Williams D. Jones Community Greenhouse and the Naropa University Food Forest, both which serve as on-campus models of permaculture principles in action. 

Undergraduate environmental studies majors also take part in the Environmental Service Learning: Ecological Restoration course, working with community partners on ecological restoration projects. This course is a powerful opportunity for seniors to experience environmental studies careers in action.

Sustainability Community

Join a like-minded community of peers as you dig into an undergraduate environmental studies curriculum rich with science, sacred ecology, contemplation, and community action. Celebrate Sustainability Day and Earth Day, engage in ecology conversations during Green Bag Lunches hosted by the Environmental Studies Department, and explore connections between human well-being and environmental health at Naropa's annual Bioneers satellite event. Through these earth-centered experiences, environmental studies majors learn that they can respond to challenges facing the planet with hope and resiliency.



“Social justice, our environment, peace studies, and diversity have always been a big piece of my life. Naropa fosters a space for these issues to be talked about and acted out.”
Candice Kearns Orlando, BA in Environmental Studies, 2009


What to Expect 

Foundation in Environmental Science

Ground your love for nature in ecology and systems science.

Social Justice

Understand and respond to key environmental justice issues.

Community Engagement

Develop the skills to address environmental issues in the community.


Connect to the natural world through nature-based contemplative practice.

Career Readiness

Discover an impactful and meaningful environmental studies career.