Capstone Project Examples

Titles of previous capstone projects include:

  • "Reworking the Garment Industry: Slow Fashion and Social Enterprise” by Olivia Nielsen
  • “On Nights in the Starving Body: Deconstructing Eating Disorders through an Intersectional Lens” by Kailey Murphy
  • “Powerful Beyond Measure: Exploring the Identity, Spirituality and Politics of Queerness” by Olivia Tullos-Sisca
  • “Fractivation” by Kelly Emmanuella Bartell
  • "Trauma Exposure Response, Mindfulness, and the Path to Resilience: Naropa University Case Study" by Ayries Blanck
  • "Architects of Peace: Reconstructing Narratives from Either/Or to Both/And" by Jenna Corbin
  • "Journeying Towards Empowerment: From Apathetic and Apolitical to Empathic and Engaged" by Eric J. Ross
  • "Cross-Cultural Reconciliation in the Classroom: Place, Identity and Youth Empowerment through an Indigenous Lens" by Cody Spyker
    • Cody's thesis was nominated for the Peace and Justice Studies Association Best Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award, 2011.
  • "The American Caste System: Mass Incarceration of African Americans" by Ebony Williams
  • "Understanding the Moral Imagination Through Waldorf Approaches To Education" by Julie Wood
  • "What Holds Up: A Feminist Coming of Age Story" by Julia Davis