Aikido Concentration

Aikido, steeped in Budo, the great warrior traditions of Japan, evolves to the code of the warrior from protection of one’s homeland, to the Protection of All Life, including the Life of One’s “Enemies.” Through this martial and contemplative art of partner practice, Aikido reveals your inner and relational patterns when encountering disturbance, intensity, conflict, violence. The founder of Aikido always referred to Aikido as misogi, purification. We work to transform inner and outer violence for personal and collected transformation and enlightenment.

Creating compassion this vast is a lifetime undertaking. On the mat with your partner, you will engage with varied attacks and defenses. Your whole-body training takes place through watching, listening, feeling, doing, inquiry, experiment. As you explore this practice, your goal is to become calm, centered, receptive, and fully enlivened during intense encounters. What you learn on the Aikido mat has application to all areas of your life.

At the end of each semester, as a celebration of your growth, you may have the opportunity to test for rank through the international organization, the Aikido School of Ueshiba.

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