Goals and Objectives

Program Goals

  1. To provide a deep understanding of the ecological and social crisis through understanding ecological, social, historical, hierarchical, collaborative, and emergent resilient systems.
  2. To develop a key understanding of sustainability and environmental policy and practice.
  3. To promote awareness of social and environmental justice issues and to develop capacity to hold multiple perspectives.
  4. To foster strong relationships with self, nature, and community through contemplative and ecopsychological practices that foster students’ personal capacity for reflective and participatory leadership.
  5. To prepare students with applicable skills to work and lead in community and organizational settings. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students explore various forms of systems (ecological, social, historical, hierarchical, and emergent) and determine approaches that foster community and organizational resilience.
  2. Students obtain skills for inner development through contemplative practice and ecopsychological tools.
  3. Students navigate working in community through learning specific inter and intra personal skills, accruing the ability to hold multiple perspectives and by direct experiential engagement with others.
  4. Students acquire in depth literacy of sustainability and environmental policy and practice across local, national, and global levels.
  5. Students comprehend the relationship between ecological issues and social justice within the frames of human rights, environmental justice, political ecology, and climate justice.
  6. Students demonstrate appreciation of sacred world views and build a personal relationship with the natural world.
  7. Students develop graduate level research, writing, and communication skills.
  8. Students acquire nonprofit and social entrepreneurship skills such as fundraising, grant writing, project design, strategic planning, and social entrepreneurship.
  9. To prepare students with applicable skills to work and lead in community and organizational settings.