For Organizations: Applied Leadership Projects


The master’s degree in Resiliental Leadership trains students to lead communities, organizations and businesses towards a sustainable, socially just and environmentally conscious future. Students develop skill in working on individual, group and organizational levels to lead organizational change and to develop effective practices for long-term sustainability and health.

If an organization partners with a Naropa graduate student, it may be on a one-time basis, for occasional projects, or on a regular, ongoing basis. Any organization that welcomes inquiries from our students may be listed on the MA Resiliental Leadership webpages as a possible contact for a project.

We envision the Applied Leadership Project as a win-win relationship. Sustainability practices and organizational improvements reduce costs and save money, bring health and motivation to employees’ lives, enhance the product or services offered, create community, and inspire the public.

Please follow the links below to the Applied Leadership Project Process and Timeline that students follow and to the Applied Leadership Project Agreement Form , an official agreement contract that is signed by the organization and the student. The contract is returned to the department by the student once full agreement on the proposed project has been reached.

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