Yoga Studies

This 43-credit Religious Studies MA concentration offers comprehensive training in Yoga Studies. The program is designed for both students interested in doctoral programs as well as yoga teachers and practitioners.

Degree Requirements

First Year, Fall

  • REL617e Meditation in Yogic and Tantric Traditions: A Practicum (3)
  • REL577e The Histories and Philosophies of Yoga (3)
  • REL611e First Turning of the Wheel (3)


First Year, Spring

  • REL530e Yoga and Globalization: The Inception of Postural Yoga (3)
  • REL615e Power, Privilege, and Diversity (3)


Second Year, Fall

  • REL645e Methods and Issues in the Study of Religion (3)
  • REL507e Sanskrit I (4)


Second Year, Spring

  • REL655e Trends in Religious Studies (3)
  • REL537e Sanskrit II (4)


Third Year, Fall

  • REL634e Hindu Tantra (3) [Begins in Retreat]
  • REL557e Sanskrit III (4)


Third Year, Spring

  • REL587e Sanskrit IV (4)
  • REL672e Non-Dualism in Theory and Practice (Recommended) (3) Or Elective (3)*


Total Credits: 43

* See the list of possible electives  below. In addition to Religious Studies electives, students can take their elective credits in courses from several other Naropa graduate programs with permission of the faculty member. These programs include Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (online option), Ecopsychology (low-residency online) and Resilient Leadership (on-campus).

Online Electives for Yoga Studies Students:

Fall Electives:

  • REL614e Mind and Its World (3.0)
  • REL683e Living Traditions: Theravada (1.5)
  • REL685e Living Traditions: Zen (1.5)
  • REL710e Third Turning of the Wheel: Yogacara & Buddha Nature (3) ( REL661e is a pre-requisite)
  • REL703e Sanskrit Translation Project (1.5)
  • REL779e Interreligious Dialog (3.0)

Spring Electives:

  • REL546e Buddhism and Modernity (3)
  • REL681e Living Traditions: Pure Land Buddhism (1.5)
  • REL684e Living Traditions: Buddhism in Tibet (1.5)
  • REL661e The Second Turning of the Wheel (3)
  • REL703e Sanskrit Translation Project (1.5)
  • REL760e Vajrayana: Symbol, Iconongraphy & Ritual (Odd years) (3) (Either REL661e or REL614e are pre-requisites)
  • REL751e Buddhism in Tibet (Even years) (3)
  • REL620e Meditation Practicum II: Self and No Self
  • REL672e Non-Dualism in Theory and Practice

Summer Electives:

  • REL658 Ritual Arts (odd years) (3.0)
  • REL763e Dharma Talks and Religious Education (odd years) (3.0)
  • REL749e Contemporary American Religion (Even years) (3)
  • REL804e Applied Ethics & Service Learning (Even years) (3)