About the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation Merit Scholarship

The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism seeks to inspire the emergence of an enlightened American society that reflects the universal Buddhist values of wisdom, compassion, mindfulness, and meditation.

The purpose of the Lenz Foundation Merit Scholarship is to attract the best and brightest students to Naropa University, and to support the studies of those who will go on to make significant contributions to American Buddhism.



Application Deadline: March 1st

Selection Criteria

The Lenz Foundation Merit Scholarship will be awarded to one new student for the 2018-2019 academic year. In order to apply, you must meet below criteria:

Application Requirements 

  1. Completed admissions application to either the MA Religious Studies or the Master of Divinity programs
  2. Lenz Cover Letter: Outline why you are qualified for the award, and how you hope to make a contribution to Buddhism in American (1-2 pages)
  3. Lenz Essay: Describe an aspect of Frederick Lenz's work. View the Lenz Foundation Merit Scholarship essay topic (6-8 pages)
  4. Academic Paper: an academic paper you have written in an undergraduate or graduate course, one that represents the quality of your academic writing and critical thinking skills (8-15 pages)
  5. FAFSA: Submit FAFSA with completed taxes
  6. Interview: Before a final selection is made, candidate(s) may be required to complete a phone interview with the members of the Lenz Foundation and the scholarship selection committee as part of the selection process



To continue receiving the scholarship after the first year of study, the student must:

All application materials can be sent via email to: finaid@naropa.edu 

Final Scholarly Paper

Lenz Merit Scholar Alumni Opportunity

Lenz Scholars that successfully complete their matriculation and graduate as a Lenz Scholar may have the opportunity to:

  1. Participate in Lenz Foundation grantee training programs as may be available from time to time; and
  2. Apply for grants on a favored consideration basis to the Lenz Foundation for and on behalf of any 501(c)(3) public charity organization by which they are employed or with which they are affiliated, and which may be otherwise qualified to receive grants under the Lenz Foundation's grant making guidelines.