Core Values & Goals

The low-residency Master of Arts in Ecopsychology program is based on the integration of personal and transpersonal growth, contemplative practice, critical intellect, and service. These values are furthered by our emphasis on community, diversity and inclusivity. The Ecopsychology program offers Naropa’s approach to contemplative education and engagement with inner development and the world to a geographically diverse, international population of students. It seeks to expand contemplative education through the online medium.

These core values are the foundation of the program’s goals.

Students will:

  • demonstrate expertise in the concepts, themes, practices, theory, methods, history, and current issues of transpersonal ecopsychology.
  • apply and expand their understanding of transpersonal ecopsychology through service and intellectual contributions.
  • demonstrate understanding and respect for service, intellectual rigor, and engaged action as essential in transpersonal ecopsychology.
  • demonstrate a personal, ongoing, and deepening relationship with transpersonal and contemplative practices and an integration of these practices in their lives and academic work.
  • demonstrate qualities of openness to experience, appreciation for difference and diversity, and compassionate communication with peers and faculty.
  • demonstrate maturity and openness in regard to diversity, inclusivity, and pluralism, appreciating and integrating perspectives of difference and unity. This growing maturity and openness is the basis for community and leadership within the program, in service-learning placements and in the world.