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Education Beyond the Classroom

The MA Contemplative Education program has a program option called Education Beyond the Classroom (EBC). The program welcomes non-teachers and those interested in directing their study beyond our central emphasis on contemplative pedagogy. While EBC students are required to take all the existing courses in the MA program, they may tailor most course assignments to meet their individual academic interests. EBC students are required, as are all students in the program, to integrate contemplative perspectives, daily life applications and relationship skills into their studies.

Areas of Focus

Program course assignments often require students to apply contemplative principles and techniques to their classroom teaching situations. Since EBC students generally are not classroom teachers, such course assignments will not be applicable to them. They will be able to modify assignments to meet their individual interests, as long as those are within the general area of the course curriculum and meet with instructor approval. Possible areas of individual focus could include: alternative education, spirituality in education, educational administration, learning environment design, educational philosophy, and educational reform.

The distinction between regular and EBC students’ assignments will be particularly apparent during online courses assignments that regularly require students to reflect upon and apply contemplative education to their own classroom teaching. In general, EBC students’ written assignments will be more research-oriented.

Summer Retreats

The courses in the summer retreats are generally designed for personal contemplative transformation, so that contemplative educators can “walk their talk.” Because of this, the distinction between EBC and regular students will be less apparent in the summer programs; therefore, summer course assignments typically will not be tailored to EBC students.

MA Thesis

EBC program students will be able to design their master’s thesis to suit their own areas of educational interest. The standard requirements will be adapted to fit those needs, while still maintaining the spirit and integrity of the typical thesis journey.

Admission Requirements

The major difference between existing admission requirements and those for EBC students is that EBC applicants are not required to be active teachers. All other requirements are the same.

It is important for prospective Education Beyond the Classroom students to review the existing design and courses in the program. Please inquire of the department, if you have questions as to whether this option will meet your specific educational needs.

Degree Status

All program students, including EBC students, will receive the same degree: Master of Arts in Contemplative Education.

Nonprogram Students

Nonprogram and noncredit students may also take the EBC option.

Transferring to the EBC Option

If the teaching employment situation of a regular MA student changes or the student stops teaching during the program, that student may request a change of status to the EBC option.