Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy Concentration

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy concentration (a 60-credit, three-year program) synthesizes clinical and theoretical course work in counseling, transpersonal psychology, contemplative practice, adventure therapy, and ecopsychology. The first year, students study the theoretical foundations of counseling and transpersonal psychology, wilderness therapy, counseling skills, and diversity awareness. Second-year classes are woven through a series of intensives, primarily in outdoor and wilderness settings, integrating therapeutic practice with environmental awareness and outdoor skills. In the third year, students complete an internship and a capstone project. Support for the internship year comes via classes that are partially online and partially residential. Students can expect to return to campus twice a semester in their third year of study. Courses that combine online work and an on-campus intensive each semester support the internship experience and the completion of the capstone project.

Degree Requirements

First year, fall

  • CNSW609 Wilderness Therapy Intensive: Introduction to Wilderness Therapy (2)
  • CNST620 Human Growth and Development (3)
  • CNST621 Psychology of Meditation I: Mindfulness Training (3)
  • CNSW631 Counseling & Helping Relationships I: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (3)
  • CNST700 Assessment (3)

First year, spring

  • CNST610 Social & Multicultural Foundations (3)
  • CNSW661 Counseling & Helping Relationships II: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (3)
  • CNST710 Research and Program Evaluation (3)
  • CNST720 Meditation Practicum I: Cultivating Awareness (1)
  • CNST740 Diagnostic Psychopathology (2)

Second year, fall

  • CNSW629 Family Systems Interventions: Equine-Assisted Settings (2)
  • CNSW707 Special Populations Interventions: Wilderness Therapy Settings (2)
  • CNSW708 Outdoor Skills I: Equine, Mountains, Climbing, Canyons, and Ropes Courses (2)
  • CNSW719 Ecopsychology: Transpersonal Perspectives (2)
  • CNSW751 Group Counseling I: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (2)

Second year, spring

  • CNST790 Counseling Practicum (3)
  • CNSW627 Contemplative Perspectives and Practice (1)
  • CNSW728 Outdoor Skills II: Horticulture, River, and Rites of Passage (2)
  • CNSW743 Transitions Throughout the Lifespan (3)
  • CNSW761 Group Counseling II: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (3)

Second year, summer

  • CNSG871 Extended Internship I (0)

Third year, fall

  • CNSW711 Career Development I: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (1.5)
  • CNSW801 Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice I: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (2.5)
  • CNSW871 Internship I: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (2)

Third year, spring

  • CNSW731 Career Development II: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (1.5)
  • CNSW802 Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice II: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (2.5)
  • CNSW891 Internship II: Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy (2)

Third year, summer

  • CNSG891 Extended Internship II (0)

Total Credits: 60