Practicum and Internships

Students undertake two clinical placements during the course of their degree – practicum and internship. Placement is arranged with the support of the GSCP Clinical Placement Coordinator and Academic Advisors within each concentration, and students have the opportunity to apply to a diverse range of sites offering practicum and internship opportunities. Graduates leave the program with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of promoting health in themselves and in others and have the skills and knowledge to work in various professional settings.

Clinical Placement and Requirements

  • Second-year students complete a 100-hour Practicum placement either during the Fall or Spring semester. This 100-hour clinical experience consists of a minimum of 70 hours at the practicum site, with a minimum of 40 of those hours being direct client contact. Students also receive 30 hours of faculty supervision. 
  • Third-year students complete a 700-hour Internship during  their final year of study with a minimum of   300-350 hours of direct client contact (concentration dependent).
  • Weekly individual/triadic supervision by a licensed supervisor during internship.
  • On-campus group supervision.
  • On-campus coursework to enhance and support the on-site experience.

Practicum Purpose 

Practicum provides for the continued development of counseling skills through fieldwork at a community agency with on-site consultation and supervision, and is designed to provide a supportive and instructional forum for students' initial experiences working with clients in community settings. Students become familiar with ethical guidelines in relation to the counseling profession and discuss, within a supportive classroom environment, professional and personal questions as they relate to their development as beginning counselors.

Internship Purpose

Internship allows for students to develop an understanding of counseling theory and practices as well as helps them to cultivate an understanding of the relationship between their specific counseling modality and other therapeutic disciplines practiced in various settings. Students gain the opportunity to utilize effective counseling interventions including treatment planning, assessment, and a refined capacity to conceptualize case material. Students will experience themselves in a professional, supervised role, as they begin to develop a professional identity in preparation for a career in counseling.

Practicum and Internship Sites

Below is a sample of some of our current clinical placement sites that we are pleased to be partnering with. Please note that these sites are subject to change on a regular basis.

  • AIM House
  • Blue Bench
  • Bridge Center for Play Therapy
  • Boulder Emotional Wellness
  • Carelink
  • Center for Change
  • Children’s Hospital, Colorado
  • Colorado Recovery
  • Denver Colorado Aids Project
  • Florence Crittenton Services
  • Focus Reentry
  • Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS)
  • Harmony Foundation Inc.
  • Judi’s House
  • Maria Droste
  • Mental Health Partners
  • Mount Saint Vincent
  • Noeticus
  • Naropa Student Counseling Center
  • Naropa Community Counseling Center
  • People House
  • Suncrest Denver Hospice
  • Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN)


Interested in partnering with the GSCP to provide Practicum and/or Internship placements for students? Contact

Information for Practicum and Internship Site Supervisors

Please refer to the following Site Supervisor's Orientation to Naropa University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program PDF.