Daphne Fatter

Alumni Highlight

“After my master's program in Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa, I volunteered in the Consciousness Lab with Peter Grossenbacher, PhD, to gain more research experience. The experiential learning at Naropa prepared me for my doctoral program and also in my professional life after graduate school. In the workforce, Naropa has shaped my ability to maintain calm and be the present moment when I have worked with military veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and also when working with trauma in my private practice.”

— Daphne Fatter

Lucy Wallace

Alumni Highlight

“After finishing my TCP graduate degree in 2009, I bought Alchemy of Movement (AOM) in central Boulder; AOM is a dance studio for all levels and backgrounds. After years of formal dance training in New York, I was happy to find a space that supported the joy of movement, rather than the competition of how I look in front of a mirror or audience. Naropa’s nontraditional approach to education pushed me in this alternative direction of offering dance/movement classes to those who may have been damaged (like myself) by former dance training and to those who had never stepped foot in a dance studio before.”

— Lucy Wallace