Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Concentration

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The 60-credit Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling concentration offers experiential and theoretical study that joins spirituality and psychology through methods such as meditation, Gestalt awareness, psychodynamic approaches, and client-centered therapy. Together, these methods challenge students to engage in deep inner personal exploration as well as focused relational work with others. Exploration of the psychotherapeutic process is balanced with personal reflection and shared observations with peers and instructors. Students choose from a variety of electives, including specialized transpersonal approaches, meditation, couples and family therapy, Jungian psychology, body awareness, and Gestalt therapy. The mindfulness-based transpersonal counseling concentration emphasis on integrating traditional and innovative methods provides students with a rich foundation for future service. 

The On-campus program starts in August on campus in Boulder, Colorado and is completed within three years.

Requirements for 3-year on-campus program

First year, fall

First year, spring

Second year, fall

Second year, spring

Second year, summer (optional)

Third year, fall

Third year, spring

Third year, summer (optional) 

Total Credits: 60

Body awareness course (2 credits) may be taken at any time.

requirements for the 3-year plus 3-summer semesters,  hybrid program

First Year, 1st semester

CNST610e Social & Multicultural Foundations (3)
CNST621e Psychology of Meditation I (3)

First year, 2nd semester

CNST631e Counseling & Helping Relationships I (3)
CNST720e Meditation Practicum I (1) 
CNST710e Research & Program Evaluation (3)

First year, 3rd Semester

CNST661e Counseling & Helping Relationships II (3)
CNST620e Human Growth & Development (3)
CNST671e Psychology of Meditation II (2)

Second year, 1st semester

CNST670e Transpersonal Psychology (3)
CNST740e Diagnostic Psychopathology (2)
CNST753e Diagnostic Psychopathology II (1)

Second year, 2nd semester

CNSM601e Gestalt I (3)
CNST770e Meditation Practicum II (1)
CNST790e Counseling Practicum (3)

Second year, 3rd semester

CNSM651e Gestalt II (3)
CNSM751e Group Counseling: Lecture (1)
CNSM752e Group Counseling: Experiential (2)

Third year, 1st semester

CNSM801e Internship Supervision and Professional Orientation I (1)
CNSM871e Internship I: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling (1)
CNST700e Assessment (3)
CNST775e Advanced Topics in Transpersonal Psychology (2)

Third year, 2nd semester

CNSM802e Internship Supervision and Professional Orientation II (1)
CNSM891e Internship II: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling (1)
new Substance Use Disorders and Treatment (3)
new Psychology of Meditation III (2)

Third year, 3rd semester

new Internship Supervision and Professional Orientation III (2)
new Internship II: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling (1)
CNST711e Career Development Counseling (3)


Total Credits: 60